The U.S. exported 1.1 billion kg of plastic waste in 2018 alone to countries with poor waste management. This effect is extremely negative to the environment and contributes the most to plastics ending up in the oceans. It is a flawed system that is not being used effectively to reduce our waste. Some countries have introduced very complex recycling policies that have people separating their trash into 6 or more different bags which are then sorted by color when they reach the recycling center. There is no way of really knowing how your recycling is being treated after it is picked up. The U.S. is relying on other countries to clean up our mess. 
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is what we’ve been told time and time again, but if little effort is being made by the government and large companies to regulate it then how do we make sure it’s happening? 
The goal of PROS is to create an affordable device that lets individuals or communities process their own recycling. This gives people the ability to break down paper waste and create something new out of it. Eventually people would not have to buy certain products anymore because they would simply be making new ones out of their home; the goal would be to create close to zero waste. Paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, copy paper, art paper, cardboard, etc. could all be created by shredded paper waste. The main goal is about being self sustaining and efficient, and to be knowledgeable about where our waste is going. Ultimately to reduce the amount of waste in the environment.
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