Oils spills happen and when they do the impact is disastrous, we are still cleaning up oils spills that happened years ago. Wildlife in particular is effected the most by these disasters. 100s of thousands of animals die in the spill, or the aftermath. Once the oil enters their body there’s not much people can do. The best possible solution is avoidance of the contaminated water and evacuation of the animals in the area. 
Technology like this already exist for rivers and aqua-ducts. 
FINN's goal is to protect wildlife and to give them a better chance of living.
 FINN is a device that sends out frequencies to scare animals away from oil spills and other oceanic disasters before they are effected. This device could also keep the animals away from drilling areas in general, allowing a better chance of survival overall, and give them more time to evacuate should a spill happen. 
The Big FINN is the main frequency emitter and connects wirelessly to the Little FINNs, which are used to expand the range of the main FINN when an oil spill spreads. Both are solar charged. The main FINN also emits frequencies to scare off birds as well from the spill area. 
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