People are not as different as they seem. We are one people with the same history, we are connected. There is a great divide between people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and gender. This divide is caused by a lack of understand and societal pressure to conform to a made-up system that benefits next to no one. People need help. Not just one group, everyone. People need to open their eyes and see that the divide does not exist, we are only raised to believe it does. Look to the people around you. We share similar experiences, similar thoughts, similar feelings. We are all human. Some people just don’t see others that way. We forget that all of humanity shares history and that history is not separate events but rather one single event, strung together by the interactions between people from all over the world. One influences the other and vice versa. We share our history; we learn from it and teach others new ways of thinking and understanding.
There should be no division. We are all cut from the same cloth, all molded from the same clay, all planted in the same garden. So why do people still hate, exclude and discriminate? It has to do with how one is raised. If someone grew up in a place where those around them were teaching them how to see the false divisions put in place, then that person would only know what they were allowed to see. 
But if people would open their eyes and look, really look, they would see a world of one people. You can have different experiences and still understand that we as humans are all connected. No one person is lesser than another. We are one. The only lines dividing us are the ones we draw ourselves.

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